The King and I.

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Jared and Kristina James

Monday, November 22, 2010

Alarms are stupid.

Approximately 5 nights ago Jared and I were innocently sleeping when sudddenly about 4:30 A.M  the alarm starts going off. No, not the alarm that you set to wake you up in the morning, the alarm that is supposed to go off when a burglar or a serial killer is in the house. Well as you can imagine, I was a little bit surprised as I was yanked out of my dreams and almost attacked Jared (because I thought he was the intruder) who was lumbering out of bed to see what was going on. After I realized he wasn't and had calmed down a tad, Jared set the gun in my lap and told me to sit tight while he scoped out the outside of the house. The thoughts that were going through my head at this moment were... AH there's a gun on my lap!, I don't even know how to use this!, and There's probably someone out there, and Jared's leaving the gun with me? What good is that going to do!? I was a little panicked and not quite awake yet. Jared grabbed the flashlight and walked out side UNARMED while I gingerly crept to the door and peaked through the crack. I'm sure he was a little surprised when he saw another flashlight pointing in his directiong in the hands of a stranger. The stranger yelled out "security!" I don't know about Jared but I was relieved. Luckily for us the guard just looked at Jareds license checked the property and let us go back to sleep, which was very difficult to get back to by the way. So today, I was innocently sitting at the table trying to put together some presents for Christmas when suddenly a loud noise peirced my ears, yes, It was the alarm again and I was ALONE. I practically fell out of my chair and ran outside calling Jared on my phone. I hung up with Jared and looked up only to see THREE guards looking at me with a weird look and all three touching their guns with their right hands. I'm sure my little running out of the house thing looked a little suspicious. I realized at that moment that I suddenly became a suspect. As the slowly approached me I mumbled something about living there and that it had happened before... the guards gave me no response and instead asked for my drivers license. I felt a wave of relief rush through me when I remembered that I was on the permanent list so they would see that and let me go.I pulled out my license and glanced at it as I handed it over. SHOOT. My name on my license is Kristina Ockey and my name on the list is Kristina James. They soon found out that I was not on the list and continued to question me as I tried to explain that my name was actually Kristina James etc... Well finally after a LONG time I think I convinced them I wasn't the crook. They took a quick look around the Casita and let me go back inside.

Needless to say right now. I hate alarms. 


  1. Hahahahah. Oh my goodness. Wow. I am so sorry. That is really funny though now. But I wonder why the alarm went off both times? Scary. I'm happy you're ok and not it jail. Love you!

  2. you are so NOT crook material, they should have been nicer to you and told you they were sorry and they would protect you. that story is a little funny, though, i must admit. i just read it to dan and we were laughing. but sorry! LOVE that he left the gun with you... FUNNIEST.

  3. oooo! Scary/slightly funny. :) I'm glad you are okay. Ps...I saw breezy's pictures of the door etc and your house is SO crazy pretty. You are totally right that you are starting out at the top and anything else will not compare but it's okay because you will have Jared so you can make anywhere home. :) Hope you had a happy thanksgiving. I bet you are SO excited to go home for Christmas. Love you!