The King and I.

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Jared and Kristina James

Monday, November 22, 2010

Alarms are stupid.

Approximately 5 nights ago Jared and I were innocently sleeping when sudddenly about 4:30 A.M  the alarm starts going off. No, not the alarm that you set to wake you up in the morning, the alarm that is supposed to go off when a burglar or a serial killer is in the house. Well as you can imagine, I was a little bit surprised as I was yanked out of my dreams and almost attacked Jared (because I thought he was the intruder) who was lumbering out of bed to see what was going on. After I realized he wasn't and had calmed down a tad, Jared set the gun in my lap and told me to sit tight while he scoped out the outside of the house. The thoughts that were going through my head at this moment were... AH there's a gun on my lap!, I don't even know how to use this!, and There's probably someone out there, and Jared's leaving the gun with me? What good is that going to do!? I was a little panicked and not quite awake yet. Jared grabbed the flashlight and walked out side UNARMED while I gingerly crept to the door and peaked through the crack. I'm sure he was a little surprised when he saw another flashlight pointing in his directiong in the hands of a stranger. The stranger yelled out "security!" I don't know about Jared but I was relieved. Luckily for us the guard just looked at Jareds license checked the property and let us go back to sleep, which was very difficult to get back to by the way. So today, I was innocently sitting at the table trying to put together some presents for Christmas when suddenly a loud noise peirced my ears, yes, It was the alarm again and I was ALONE. I practically fell out of my chair and ran outside calling Jared on my phone. I hung up with Jared and looked up only to see THREE guards looking at me with a weird look and all three touching their guns with their right hands. I'm sure my little running out of the house thing looked a little suspicious. I realized at that moment that I suddenly became a suspect. As the slowly approached me I mumbled something about living there and that it had happened before... the guards gave me no response and instead asked for my drivers license. I felt a wave of relief rush through me when I remembered that I was on the permanent list so they would see that and let me go.I pulled out my license and glanced at it as I handed it over. SHOOT. My name on my license is Kristina Ockey and my name on the list is Kristina James. They soon found out that I was not on the list and continued to question me as I tried to explain that my name was actually Kristina James etc... Well finally after a LONG time I think I convinced them I wasn't the crook. They took a quick look around the Casita and let me go back inside.

Needless to say right now. I hate alarms. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Oh wow. It's November already. Time is FLYING and I'm the worst blogger ever. Only 5 more weeks of Vegas left! My family (Ockey family) decided to come and visit us last weekend. It was a blast... and kind of weird having my family visiting at MY house. Weird. The two little girls and Jordon stayed with us in the casita. It was fun having some bonding time with them. AND a little weird having them crawl into bed with us because they were scared, the little girls not Jordon haha. :) Here are a few pictures of the weekend:
Waiting outside Serendipity!
Jared got a foot long hotdog...but only ate ten inches ;)

The little girls and Jordon decided to swim in our pool! Which was 62 degrees! Yikes!
Jared and I (mostly Jared) Made some delicious chili for after church! He's so cute.. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

August 14, 2010 was the PERFECT day. It was the day that my sweetheart and I were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple. I thought I was the luckiest then, but even though it's only been a month and a half, I just keep feeling more and more lucky. SOOOO now that we're married and all moved away, I thought maybe a blog would be a good way for our families to know what is going on in our lives. Jared always refers to himself as the king so I thought it appropriate that I name this blog, "The King and I." For some reason he loves King as a name and feels it necessary, and a really good idea to name our first boy King so that his name will be King James. (I think he might be serious, YIKES.) Maybe we'll get a dog or something and name it that.

Jared is the best! Tonight is our date night. (Sooooo excited) It's "The Kings" turn to plan it. He is soo thoughtful and I can't wait to see what we are going to do! The other night we had a "romantic" dinner. We broke out our romantic dinner kit that Lauren (my cousin) gave us. We had these cute red placemats, white plates, candles, a cd of love music and of course NACHOS. Yep we had Nachos for dinner, and mashed potatoes with white gravy. (Healthy, I know!) I guess that's kind of become a tradition. For the first half of our honeymoon we were at my Grandma's cabin in Palisades, Idaho. We went to a little tiny store there called the Dam Store. Of course they had the SMALLEST selection of food EVER. So we bought 3/4 of everything they had. (Seriously) SO for dinner that night we had mashed potatoes w/ white gravy, nachos, four cheese pasta (out of a box), and some weird herb rice stuff. Probably not the healthiest dinner but it was SOOOOO good! After that we had nachos and mashed potatoes every night (midnight snack) for the rest of the time we were there. It was the best. Except now we are always craving nachos or mashed potatoes.

Throught this past month we have discovered we are addicted to dishes. We LOVE them and have a billion different sets at least. As a wedding present we recieved two different sets of plates, which we registered for and were SO excited to get. One set is red and square. The other is yellow and square. We also recieved a gift card to william sanoma. Well one day we decided to go to william sanoma to just look around. We found THE cutest tablecloth ever. What made it even better was that it matched with all of the dishes we had. SO we bought it, of course and when we got home we set it out on the table along with all of the dishes we had, AND we loved it of course.